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Gallery 01 - Atlas 'Drive' was a project i shot and directed using prototype lenses from Atlas Lens Co. Using a combination of the 25mm Prototype, 50mm, and 80mm 2x Anamorphic lens that Atlas had developed, and shot on the Red Komodo due to its global shutter. Both hard mounts and stabilized camera heads were used to create the contrast between smooth tracking shots, and shaky dramatic shots where you really felt the speed.   

Gallery 02 - Into the Valley, a period short film where most of the story takes place inside a car on the road. A period tone was created in camera with various filters, and a lot of car mounts were used to capture the driving shots. The car mounts led me to shoot this on the Red Komodo due to its size and weight, and Zeiss Otus lenses for their quality and sharpness wide open. The interior locations were all 2 or 3 light set ups, using large fresnels to maintain a sense of heat and harsh sunlight.  

Gallery 03 - Shot in the Alps of southern France, in association with Canon and Atlas Lens Co, i wanted to see how far we could push the small R5C in addition to the Mercury 1.5x lenses. Collaborating with pilot Stefan Langer, we were able to put cameras in the aircraft in places that otherwise would have been impossible with traditional cameras. The capability of the Canon R5C was impressive, allowing complete freedom to capture whatever shot we could imagine. Some of the shots also wouldn't have been possible without the close focus capability of the Atlas Mercury lenses.   

Gallery 04 - These frames are from takes not in the final edit, a concept shoot using a very wide 21mm 2x Anamorphic lens from Atlas that left very little room to hide any lighting fixtures in the way you normally would. Lighting 100% practically, keeping the lights in the shot, was the only way to make it happen. Using the Red V-Raptor in the full 8K Vista Vision mode allowed for so much image detail and information, especially in the shadows. Most of the lighting is from two 250w color balanced incandescent bulbs.