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Coming from the UK means that talking about myself doesn't come all that naturally....

...but i will try my best to share a little background. I started shooting actions sports just as YouTube was becoming a thing, quickly graduating to more 'pro sports' for TV, and also a lot of documentary. All of which saw me travel all over the world with a camera - from Mt. Everest to Montego Bay.  It led me to many irreplaceable experiences, with amazing irreplaceable people, and even got to jump out of planes over a thousand times along the way. After selling a film i had made in 2013  to a LA based studio, i moved to LA and focused my attention towards commercial and narrative work. In addition to client work, i shoot a lot of my own projects, constantly intrigued by the exploration of images and storytelling. Just like my weekly searches for new music, i am constantly searching for those who i can connect and create with. Living and working in the US with UK eyes and ears, has been quite the adventure, and even with everything i have done, the cliche line of 'I'm Just Getting Started' is appropriate. Thanks for checking out my work!

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